D1.1Literature review on the Smart Farm Vision in EU and Asia
D1.2The skill priorities and requirements of smart farm
D1.3ICT enabled precision agriculture plateform
D1.4An appropriate adaptive learning approach for smart farmers
D2.1Smart farming labs
D2.2Organic Pilot
D2.3Quality Pilot
D2.4Working condition Pilot
D2.5Cross Pilot
D3.1Quality Plan
D3.2Quality Audit Report
D3.3Measure Training Effectiveness
D3.4Network smart farm center and observatory exploitation
D4.1Strategic plan for diffusion and dissemination
D4.2Project Website
D4.3Report of publication in indexed journals. Book publishing. Participation in national and international scientific congresses, conferences. Along
D5.1SUNSpaCe Quality Plan and Project Handbook
D5.2Final Report
D5.3Project Periodic Report