Ban Kut Chiang Mee
General Information

In 2015, Kut Chiang Mee farmers group conducted organic rice planting activities beginning with 33 members. The goal of the group is to do organic rice planting activities for selling and members will increase their income. The first step was to change from chemical rice farming to organic rice farming. The community enterprises are registered according to the Community Enterprise Promotion in 2005 by name “Community Enterprise, Organic Agriculture Group, Ban Kut Chiang Mee Sub-district, Ban Dong District”. The objectives of construction of this community comprising: to do organic farming by reducing and discontinuing the use of chemicals; to increase farmer’s income; self-reliant with goal and combining activities with the group.

– Rice farming

– Vegetable farming

– Herbs farming

– Animal’s raising: organic cattle farm, organic chick farm, organic fish farm

– Organic riceberry rice

– Organic vegetable

– Organic beef

– Organic chicken

– Organic fish

– Thailand Organic 

– Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)

– Local markets


Government organization

  1. Organic rice cultivation: produce organic riceberry rice
  2. Growing organic vegetables: ex; Lettuce, etc.
  3. Organic cattle farming: 43 organic cattle raising
  4. Organic chicken farming: 8,000 native breed chickens are raised.
  5. Organic fish farming: 5,000 Tilapia fish are raised.
  6. Planting after harvesting: produce corn for feeding animals

7. Organic compost

– Knowledge relevant to organic rice farming

– Knowledge relevant to organic vegetable growing

– knowledge relevant to organic livestock farming

– Knowledge and best practice relevant to agriculture production

– Lack of model to sale the products to markets and costomers

– Lack of smart technology knowledge for agriculture

– To expand an organic farming 

– To increase farmer’s income

– To improve production process and quality of productivity

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