Khanikhola vegetables and fruits Cooperative Organization
March 18 2019, Nepal
General Information

The main occupation of the members associated with this organization is to grow seasonal vegetables that includes cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes, radish etc. There are more than 200 peoples associated with this group. All the members of this group are well educated and are aware of some ICT tools. The land area covers around 100 hectares. Each member has their own contribution of land which varies from members to members. For farming they do not use any pesticides or chemicals rather than they use compost and other organic fertilizers. The main market of their product is Kathmandu metropolitan city (25 km from the farm), where they sale their product to wholesalers. As per the discussion with the group, we find they want to reduce the production cost as they have no enough profit margin. They are bounded to sale their products through local brokers, who pay them less and sale the products to the consumer in high price. There is significant margin in cost paid by consumers and cost paid to actual farmers. At one side the production cost is high and return on investment is high at other. In this scenario, the farmers are suffering a lot and they want whether some technology can help them to get rid of this situation?

Very little with use of Smart Phone for marketing purpose only.

Seasonal vegetables that includes cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes, radish etc.

  • Local Markets
  • Kathmandu Valley through middleman

There are no any such activities conducted in smart farming area.

No such advanced activities except they know how to use smart phone.

  • Eager to adapt technologies in their farm
  • Availability of smart tools

Fear of implementing because of extra cost as they have currently very less profit margin.

To adapt technology so that the production will increase

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