Arava Nepal Modern Agriculture Co. Ltd
June 6 2019, Nepal
General Information

This company has been established by around 80 returned master’s degree graduates in agriculture from Israel. The company also has some local farmers as a member. The main objective of the company is to use modern technology in farming to increase the production and reduce the overall production cost. Currently they have covered around 10 hectares of land and implemented the integrated farming concept, which includes, vegetable, fruits, cattle, fish etc. They have implemented the green house concept in farming and have used some recent technology for drip irrigation. When the water level is low, they get a message in their mobile through an apps and manually turn on the water outlet. They need technology that make them allow the automatic irrigation process. Sensing the moisture level of soil and environment condition so they can control which will help in increasing the production volume. This company also faces problem in selling their product because of compulsion of going to the market through broker. This results loss in revenue. Another fundamental problem they are facing is the crops they are cultivated is usually destroyed by the monkeys coming from the nearest forest.

  • Farming
  • Technology used (IoT for automation)

Integrated farming products:

  • Vegetable
  • Fruits
  • Cattle
  • Fish
  • Local Markets
  • Kathmandu Valley

They have developed a mob apps. Based on IoT principle to control irrigation based on soil moisture data.

They are skilled in modern agriculture but they use IT through 3rd party

  • Eager to adapt technologies in their farm
  • Availability of smart tools

Fear of implementing because of extra cost as they have currently very less profit margin.

To adapt technology so that the production will increase at the same time cost will decrease.

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