Ban Nong Hoi
General Information

At present, community enterprises are registered according to the Community Enterprise Promotion Act in 2005 by name “Ban Nong Hoi Chiang Song Community Enterprise, rice planting”. The objectives of construction of this community comprising farmers in the community have more work such crops for feeding animals, organic vegetable planting, organic farming; allow farmers to reduce the cost of agricultural production; various biological in a better ecosystem for the environment; and organic products certified and sell organic agricultural products at a high price.

– Rice farming

– Vegetable farming

– Herbs farming

– Animal’s raising: Beef Cattle, Chick farm, Fish farm

– Organic rice

– Organic vegetable

– Organic beef

– Organic chicken

– Organic fish

– Organic fertilizer

– Thailand Organic 

– Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)

– USDA Organic

– Local markets

– Local restaurant

– Provincial hospitals

Government organization

  • Department of Livestock Development
  • Department of Fisheries
  • Agriculture and Sahakon Provine 
  • Department of Organic Rice Access
  • Department of Agriculture
  1. Organic rice cultivation: produce organic rice
  2. Growing organic vegetables: ex; Cantonese kale, Lettuce, etc.
  3. Organic beef farming: 40 organic cattle raising
  4. Organic chicken farming: 500 native breed chickens are raised.
  5. Organic fish farming: 30,000 Tilapia fish are raised.

6. Organic fertilizer: organic compost production are made from the dung of animals.

– Animal farming (cattle)

– Rice farming: drop seed machine

– Organic vegetable production

– Organic fertilizer production

– Knowledge and best practice relevant to agriculture production

– Group unity

– Lack of equipment for transportation the products to markets and costomers

– Lack of the good warehouse to store products

– Lack of smart technology knowledge for agriculture

– To expand an organic farming and build the warehouses to stock agricultural products and set up a GAP mill

– Build a pack factory and vegetable wash plant

– Expand the market to sell the products to the government agencies in the province such as schools, etc.

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