Pilot 1

Off-season vegetable production in Greenhouse

Country: Bhutan

Region/Province: Punakha District

Topography: Bhutan’s physical geography consists mostly of steep and high mountains crisscrossed by a network of swift rivers. About 72.5% of the area is under forests, and it is constitutional mandate to maintain 60% forests cover for all times to come. 

Place of the pilot: Integrated Organic farm, College of Natural Resources, Lobesa

Pilot Type: Quality Pilot

Product(s): Vegetable (Chilli and tomato, cole crops)

Objective(s): Increase production of the vegetable and control resources (Water and labour) usage using smart technologies. 

Cauliflower cultivation in green house with sprinkler irrigation

Smart Irrigation System

Smart Irrigation System

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Automated meteorological station

System architecture of Smart Lab in the integrated farm, College of Natural Resources