Srijansil Krishi Udyog
June 05 2019, Nepal
General Information

This is a farm initiated by group of farmers. The main objective this farm is to produce ample amount of fish to be sold in the local market. The have their five ponds and produce around 27000 Kg of fish annually. The problem they face is, sometimes the oxygen level inside the ponds gets low, which causes the death of the fish. To overcome this problem they use a device called aerator, which circulates the water of the pond which increases the oxygen level. But they do it manually for which every timeĀ  they need to visit ponds and have to see the activities of the fish inside. They need some sensor which check the oxygen level and automatically switch on the aerator through some apps. The sunspace project can make this type of apps and prepare the learning material.


Local Markets

  • Eager to adapt technologies in their farm to automatize aerator system
  • Availability of smart tools

Fear of implementing because of extra cost as they have currently very less profit margin.

To adapt technology so that the production will increase at the same time cost will decrease.

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