Tenzin’s farm (individual farmer)
June 08 2019 | Bhutan
General Information

Farmer Tenzin and his wife earn their living through agriculture. They have privately leased 4-acre land. In their scattered farmland, they cultivate paddy, vegetable crops and few fruit trees. They also have few cattle. Recently they have started with offseason vegetable cultivation. They are in the second phase/season of cultivating offseason high value cole crops (cauliflower, broccoli).  The couple’s success has also influenced the neighbourhood for offseason Cole crops which gives a good income.  The wife has only studied till 6th grade and is aware of some ICT tools. She also uses smart phone for communicating with her customers. For farming they use organic and limited chemical fertilizer.  They are the highest producer of vegetable crops in the area. All their produce is directly bought by the wholesalers from their farm itself which saves them the transportation cost. As per the discussion with the farmers, they have limited irrigation facilities.

The couple farmer is not using any smart farming technology to grow off-season vegetable. Beside vegetable, they grow paddy and rare cattle for manure in the farm.

  • Vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, chilli, and beans)
  • Fruit trees
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Cheese

Local market in Punakha and in Thimphu

  • Gewog Agriculture Extension
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forest

The wife has been using information from youtube to assist in cattle management.

Able to use smart phone to look for information through internet

  • Wife studied till 6th grade,
  • Willingness to adopt new technology for growing off-season vegetable

Lack knowledge about smart farming

Enhance cultivation by using poly houses for offseason cultivation of high value vegetables with the aim to diversity agriculture produce.

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