October 12, 2021

COP26 Seminar: SUNSpaCe - a new collaboration for Sustainable development of Smart Agriculture Capacity

In this session, Professor Keshav Dahal will be joined by several guest speakers to host a discussion on SUNSpaCe, a new collaboration for Sustainable development of Smart Agriculture Capacity.   Smart farming is the movement for the food security with the help of smart technologies for improved farm management to address the increasing demand of higher crop yield with improved quality and using less resources.  Its main goal is to improve the productivity and sustainability of the farm concerning the overall value chain by using advanced sensors, knowledge sharing and data management technologies.  Smart Farming should provide the increased productivity to farmers that are strongly related to cultivation and livestock farm in both large and small-scale farmers having new and more precise tools to produce more product and provide the benefits in terms of environmental issues.   Three European universities (UWS, University of Lyon 2 and Corvinus University of Budapest) are partnering with three partners from Asian countries (Bhutan, Nepal and Thailand) for developing a research, teaching and learning framework for training farmers with smart-farming skills and technologies under a EU-funded project “SUstainable developmeNt Smart Agriculture Capacity – SUNSpaCe”.  The aim of the SUNSpaCe project is to provide knowledge base and learning framework for life-long learning of farmers and students in the partner countries.   This webinar is going to focus on the research and development work carried out under the SUNSpaCe project.  The project has developed four different smart lab pilots in Asian countries using IoTs/sensors and ICT for automatic data management processes, including data gathering, data processing and data analysis tasks in agricultural production systems.  Also, an eLearning framework with knowledge contents has been developed adapting a hybrid teaching and learning approach in Smart Farming to train farmers.  Kirkpatrick model has been used to analyse the training approach, pre and post training evaluation of the farmers’ knowledge and skills.  The EU and Asian partners will present and demonstrate the developed system and framework.  The training process and results obtained from the recently conducted training sessions to teach smart organic farming to Thai farmers at Chiang Mai will be demonstrated.  We will also discuss the sustainability issues.   This digital event is free to attend, but advanced registration is required.   The live session will take place on Tuesday 19th October and will begin at 10am GMT.  We expect this session will run for approximately 1.5 hours, including time for questions.   The session will be hosted on Zoom, and a link for the Zoom call will be emailed to you shortly before the event.   If you have any questions about the event, please contact the CPD team at cpd@uws.ac.uk.


To disseminate the research and development work carried out under the SUNSpaCe project in the context of the upcoming COP26 meeting in Glasgow.


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10:00-11:30 UK time, Tuesday, 19th October 2021


Glasgow, UK (Virtual)


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