Structure & Work Packages

SUNSpACe is  implemented through five (5) Work Packages (WP) and over a period of 36 months.

WP1: Learning material and program design

      This work package  will make clear understanding of “SMART Farm” meaning and draw the Gap between “traditional Farm model” and the “Innovative Smart Farm Model” and its adoption, within EU and Asia than.

       The WP1 will developing an appropriate adaptive learning approach for smart farmers and design four training program.

WP2: Implementation and Assessment Framework through pilots

     This work package will focus on the implementation and assessment of smart framing framework in partner countries. The work package is organised in six cohesive tasks each associated with a specific deliverable relevant to partner countries and to the whole consortium as well. The rationale is, each partner country will gain smart framing experience in a particular context, and in the later stage of the project, a cross pilot is set-up to share the smart farming best practices in the partner and neighbouring countries.

     The WP2 will set-up a Smart Farm-Lab as “Center of Excellence in Smart Farming” to strength and sustain a link between HEis and farmer in Asian countries and, implementing “Cascade Training Program” to train “Farmer leader” and “Farmer Leader” trains farmers.

WP3: Quality training program and smart farmer qualification

       This WP ensures the quality of the deliverables in terms of learning program and training. WP3 setup upstream quality plan to verify the effectiveness of the training program and downstream quality audits to analyse and evaluate the transfer of Skills to smart farmer and to the farmer.  A sustainability plan will be designed towards the designated HEIs of the Partners Countries to ensure the continuation of this key activity beyond the end of the project, with the support of the smart farm lab and the excellent center.

WP4: Dissemination and Exploition

        The objective of WP4 is to communicate and disseminate the results of the SUNSpACe throughout the life of the project to all stakeholders in the countries where SUNSpACe will work, as well as to international audiences. In addition, this work package will prepare the exploitation strategy, ensuring that the results of SUNSpACe will be sustained after the project has ended.

WP5: Management

        The main objective of this WP is to ensure the achievement of the project results through administrative coordination as well as to provide timely and efficient organizational and financial coordination meeting contractual commitments. The management of the project work comprises four main activities comprising Administrative and financial management, Decision making and conflict resolution, Quality Assurance, and Risk and innovation management.