Bhutan Pilot

RUB Use Case

1. Train the Trainer

Training Participants (Trainees) : Total 26 (20 smart farmer; 3 academicians, 3 researchers)

Training topics

  • Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture,
  • Smart monitoring and smart controlling,
  • Data processing,
  • Business modelling
  • Occupational health.
  • Demonstrations on the agro-meteorology station, soil pH and moisture sensors, and automation of irrigation systems (drip and sprinkler).
  • Field visits to Chimipang Royal Project, Othbar Mountain Horticulture Promotion project, and Integrated Organic Farm,


  •          Minimum Pre-test score: 10 scores out of 20
  •          Maximum Pre-test score: 17 scores out of 20
  •          Minimum Post-test score:14 scores out of 20
  •          Maximum Post-test score: 20 scores out of 20

2. ToT on the Installation of Smart Farming Technologies

Training Participants (Trainees) : Total 7 academicians

Training topics

  • hands-on installation of an agro-meteorology station and smart irrigation system.


  • Minimum Pre-test score: 13 scores out of 20
  • Maximum Pre-test score: 16 scores out of 20
  • Minimum Post-test score:17 scores out of 20
  • Maximum Post-test score: 20 scores out of 20

3. Farmers’ Training on Smart Farming: Pathway to Future Agriculture

Training participants (Trainees): Total 26 (Technical staff from CNR: 2, educated farmers: 24)

Training topics:

  • Smart monitoring, control, and automation.
  • Agro-Business: Business modelling
  • Digital agriculture, data capture, storage, and transfer
  • Installation of an automated weather station
  • Smart irrigation
  • Evaporative cooling pad
  • Smart farming in Bhutan: experiences and challenges in Nahi gewog
  • Hands-on practice of smart irrigation, cooling pad, and soil and EC sensors
  • Standardization
  • Agro-health and safety: Diseases, pest, and fertilizer management, food safety and traceability
  • Orientation to the e-learning platform


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