Teaching and Learning

Conference in Thailand. September 10th, 2022

Chiang Mai University hosted its 2nd National Conference on the 10th of September 2022, while also promoting the SUNSpACe “Sustainable Smart Agriculture Capacity Building” Topic “Future Smart Farming with Data Analytics and UAV Technology.” Assoc. Prof. Aicha Sekhari, Prof. Keshav Dahal, Assoc. Prof. Zoltan Szabo, Assoc. Prof. Pradorn Sureephong, and Paweena Suebsombut Ph. D spoke about the project overview, project activity, what people can use from the project, and the project’s sustainability and collaboration. The conference was a resounding success.

COP26 Seminar: SUNSpaCe – a new collaboration for Sustainable development of Smart Agriculture Capacity

This webinar is going to focus on the research and development work carried out under the SUNSpaCe project. The project has developed four different smart lab pilots in Asian countries using IoTs/sensors and ICT for automatic data management processes, including data gathering, data processing and data analysis tasks in agricultural production systems. The training process and results obtained from the recently conducted training sessions to teach smart organic farming to Thai farmers at Chiang Mai will be demonstrated.